Crowbar Crowfunder



After 12 months of lockdowns and restrictions, Crowbar needs to call on its community of supporters for help to survive. Live music venues around the country are closing down or just holding on by a thread. We are all battling negotiations with landlords, restrictions and reduced income, facing the end of JobKeeper and struggling to pay ongoing fixed costs and debt that keeps piling up.

As one of the first industries to close and the last to open, we’ve been hoping that State and Federal Governments might come to our aid, but we’re no longer in a position to patiently wait. And so, we need your help. Without it, we face making the gut wrenching decision of having to stop the music and close our doors permanently. We’re asking our friends, our fans, our families, and everyone we know to help keep Crowbar alive by donating to our CrowFunder Pozible campaign.

In March 2020 COVID-19 restrictions forced us to close our doors and stand down staff while we cancelled months of shows and events. We spoke to our landlords regarding rent and came to some arrangements, and have just recently come to an agreement regarding rent. We managed to trade at 1-3% of regular turnover with takeaway sales for the next few months until we were able to open the bar again for a much smaller crowd in mid June. We were eventually able to put on shows again in late August, dropping from 28,441 ticketed attendees in 2019 to just 8,336 in 2020. With restrictions slowly easing, we are now returning to around 30% of trade.

We have spoken with Ministers, Parliament, MusicNSW, the Australian Hotels Association, APRA and media. We have completed surveys and submitted our gravely reduced figures for turnover and attendance. We have carried on as best we can, working within government restrictions and operating at severely reduced capacities. We have taken loans to keep our staff paid and our doors open, in the hope that the NSW government would step up to help live music venues with something more to survive and put towards operational and fixed business costs like rent, insurance and utilities – something like the Victorian Live Music Venues Program. The grants we have been eligible for, like Live Music Australia, can only be used towards artist fees and venue improvements, which is helpful, but leaves us in a tenuous position with our operational costs when artists and venue capacities have been controlled by restrictions and border closures.

Crowbar is an independent, family operated business, built on 9 years of blood, sweat, tears & 20 years experience in the music industry. Supporting live music in Australia and nurturing our once thriving music scene has stood at the forefront of everything we do, and despite this massive hurdle, we aren’t ready to end the good fight just yet.

We are overwhelmed by the tremendous support from our friends, bands and industry colleagues who have donated some amazing prizes and rewards for a Crowbar CrowFunder which we plan to launch this week in hopes of raising $200,000 in the next 30 days to help keep Crowbar alive. You can make a donation for a merchandise reward, or join in the auction for the chance to get your hands on some of the big-ticket items below.

If we are successful in reaching our target we have a strong hope of recovering through this pandemic to continue putting on the best shows, parties and good times.

Head to the POZIBLE link below for direct donation options, or bid in the auction below for your chance to get your hands on some limited and one-off items.

Thank you to all of our friends who have jumped on board, we couldn’t do this without you all.