BK Wines Skin n Bones Savagnin

Skinsy, salty grapefruit.

BK is one of our best mates, and follows a similar life/party balance that seems to keep us all ticking and kicking well! Here are some words from the man himself about this new release:

“Brilliant gold like a sunrise, this 100% savagnin comes from a gorgeous vineyard that has since suffered damage in the Adelaide Hills fires. Reductive and beeswaxy with extraordinary width on the nose but tight and restrained on the palate. The flavour is uncommon and luscious – like custard fruit, rock salt and grapefruit pith in the centre, finishing with homemade mandarin marmalade and a sweet lime tang. The evolution of the winemaker is to take all experiences and inspirations and make them truly your own. For us that means that while we love super natural wines, to do them with heart we forever dance the line between careless and clean.”


12% ABV | 750ml

Adelaide Hills, AUS 2019


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