Brilliant Emperor Records Bundle

Brilliant Emperor Records Bundle

This pack is HUGE with test pressings, records, CDs and tapes from Snorlax, Sumeru, Mental Cavity, Empress, Eos and more! Big thanks to Brilliant Emperor Records for putting this one together!

  • Snorlax ‘II’ Test Pressing
  • Sumeru ‘Blood Ordinance’ 7″ + Patch
  • Sumeru ‘Summon Destroyer’ LP (blue vinyl)
  • Resin Tomb S/T’ 10″ + Patch (sold out) + ‘S/T’ Tape
  • Eos ‘The Great Ascension’ LP (gold vinyl)
  • Eos ‘The Great Ascension’ t-shirt (large)
  • Empress ‘Wait til Night’ LP
  • Ploughshare ‘Tellurian Insurgency’ 12 EP (sold out)
  • Mental Cavity ‘Neuro Siege’ LP (orange vinyl) + CD + tape
  • Graveir ‘King of the Silent World’ tape
  • Voidstare ‘Zero One’ tape
  • Assorted patches from other label artists – Feculent, Vindkaldr, Graves of Eden, Tir, Brilliant Emperor Records


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  • Auction ends 21:00pm AEST 08/04/2021
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Winning Bid: $250.00