Crowbar Black Gold Whiskey

A youthful aromatic drop with aromas of spice, oak and tobacco blending into a creme brûlée and baked pie crust, pour us another! Limited to 666 bottles (of course), we can’t wait for you to sit back, relax and sip on a Crowbar Black Gold.

Barrel driven & perfumed. The addition of wheat to the grain bill brings a softness and sweetness on the palate. Spirit-forward but balanced and focused. The finish is medium with light vanilla and caramel throughout. Great neat or excellent in an old fashioned. A whiskey to be contemplated on ones own and, shared with friends & family.

Choose either the Tiger, the Snake or a twin pack of both bottles, garnished with spot gloss and gold foil, hand labelled and wax dipped by the team at Crowbar.

Available in-house and online, you can ‘Take Your Whiskey Home’, pour some ‘Whiskey In The Jar’, or sip some ‘Whiskey On The Rocks’.

43% ABV
24 standard drinks
All Australian Ingredients
2.5 years aged in American White Oak

Shipping from Friday 28th or pickup from the bar from 20th


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