Crowbar Party Pack

Don’t use your noggin to get your grog in… Allow your vinous experience to be curated by our very own Wine Wizard. 3 of the sickest wines, all killer no filler, delivered to your door.


Three of our favourite wines to get you off the couch and in the mood.

Lordette – Street Champagne!

Borachio Pinot Grigio – Bright orange crusher!

The Other Right  Unfurl Shiraz – Juicebox party!

RECOMMENDED PAIRING: Start out with Frenzal Rhomb’s A Man’s Not a Camel, progress to your party favourites The Bronx, a splash of Blondie, maybe even some Municipal Waste to bang your head feverishly. All while being seduced to the beat of these delicious drums of GRAPE.


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