JJ Peters Naughty Boy Street-Champagne 3 PACK

In collaboration with JJ Peters and Crowbar, Naughty Boy Street-Champagne is made from 100% organic Chardonnay, you could call that true Blanc de Blanc. Produced in the pet nat style, natural yeasts starting off fermentation in tank, finished in bottle and left on lees for 12 months.
Classic toasty brioche richness that is finely encased in zippy lemon tang acid, hints of apple skin, a slight wild-cider crunch, and an almost salty mineral driving finish. It is a little cloudy, yet classy. it’s a freak in the sheets, and in the streets. Just as fitting in very fine linen wear or minimal swimming wear.

“Naughty Boy Street-Champagne has the sophistication of ‘HAVE YOU EVER’, the cheekiness of ‘PINKY RING’ and the general demeanour of ‘DTD’… The perfect accompaniment to my album, and turns any scenario to bottle service vibes.”


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