Lindsay McDougall’s Frenzal Rhomb Gibson 70’s SG

WOW. This is one hell of an auction item, gifted to us by Lindsay. His first proper Frenzal Rhomb Guitar. If you’re an avid Frenzal fan you would have likely met this guitar somewhere on the road in a smelly dive venue or on the big stage at a festival, a true antique from the primo Aussie punk-rock era of the 90’s. did a lovely review back in 2011 full review here :

“The neck is one of those fantastic 70’s SG necks which I love. It’s narrow with a V profile… not wide and skinny like the later 1980’s ’62 reissue I have. Plus with the ebony fretboard, this guitar plays (played) like a dream. The headstock sports the same ‘custom’ trussrod cover I’ve seen on a few 70’s Gibson’s, like Peter Mengede’s 70’s Les Paul.”


  • This auction is only open to people 18+
  • Bidding increments of $100
  • Item will automatically re-list if not paid within 24 hours after auction ends
  • Auction ends 21:00pm AEST 12/04/2021
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Winning Bid: $5,500.00