Red Shredders Pack

Don’t use your noggin to get your grog in… Allow your vinous experience to be curated by our very own Wine Wizard. 3 of the sickest wines, all killer no filler, delivered to your door.


Shred red till you’re dead.

The Other Right Dreams & Visions – Pretty in pink!

Bibi Graetz Casamatta Rosso – Cherry cola madness!

Battle Axe Shiraz – Big, bold, swing of the axe!

RECOMMENDED PAIRING: A jaunt through the early catalog of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, while the coals get hot. Once smouldering, perhaps some choice cuts from the Screaming Trees. Once you are nearly fully cooked, maybe get inspired by the invigorating tones of Power Trip and get to the slicing of chosen slab of protein. Once sated, unbutton your pants and fall asleep on the rug.


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