Wine of the Week 3Pack

Don’t use your noggin to get your grog in… Allow your vinous experience to be curated by our very own Wine Wizard. 3 of the sickest wines, all killer no filler, delivered to your door.

Italian stallions in drinking order:

Casamatta Bianco – Slippery, opulent and moreish. Casamatta means crazy house, and this floral, zesty banger is very ripe for smashing, tight acid lines harness the juice within and make just as good a time for dinner as well as for the pool.

Cirelli Rosato – Savoury, raspberry beret. From the coastal province of Abruzzo, Cirelli make approachable yet dynamic wines that are as kind to the earth as they are to the palate. This has depth of flavour but is still dry and fresh.

Ciu Ciu Piceno – Dry, spice, old world. Organic since the eighties, this tickles the the fancy of your dad while also being silky and fine in it’s tannins and dark red and black in it’s fruit presence.


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