Wine Now, Cry Later 6 Pack

Crowbar and friends are pleased to bring you – WINE NOW, CRY LATER

Shit is critical.

By the end of October, Victoria will have been in lockdowns for 6 months. Putting an immediate stop on many industries including the arts and entertainment industries that we thrive on. Creative industries help us survive these periods of hardship by bringing happiness, enjoyment and connecting us with each other. While restrictions may soon be lifted, the damage is already done and the recovery period from these closures and restrictions is unknown.

We reached out to our friends at Blind Corner in Perth WA to create three super wines to build a care package alongside six of Melbourne’s great Tattoo Artists – @jadtattooer @abbytattoo @davidagostino @mjforrest_ @soulofprey @5amtattoo to help them through these tough times where they are unable to work.


A blend of certified organic goodness, certified to quench the mightiest of thirsts. Dry, crisp, lip-smacking acid, ass-kicking drinkability and fine minerality make for a totally crushable white wine that would also make your mum happy. Cheers!


The finest of all the white grapes, grown organically, and left on skins to give this a little of that orange colour, and a little of that chalky texture. A brilliant first foray into skin-contact wines, this is tropical and fun, but ultra refreshing.


A Rhone Valley style mix of organic grapes, blended to pretty, violet perfection. It is dark and purple and full flavoured, yet juicy, inky and highly drinkable. Tuck in!

We are extremely honoured to be able to create such a sick project amongst friends that not only provides visual pleasure, PMA and a tantalising journey for your taste buds, but also financial support to our stabby mates! Six months of lockdowns, six artists, six bottles with three wines in one beautiful pack to support a struggling industry. Keep the bottles, put a flower in them when you’re finished and forever be reminded of how awesome your talented friends are.


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